Tech Museum: Playground for Innovators
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Shake in an earthquake. Explore under the sea. Make your own movie and learn the latest tricks in animation. Discover the wonders of the human body, and travel to places unimaginable. Experience all this and more at The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose.

San Jose Tech Museum
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  The 132,000-square-foot museum is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the mecca of technology innovators where megabucks and memory have been stored in a fertile, futuristic environment. Considered a playground for tomorrow's innovators of all ages, The Tech Museum includes about 250 hands-on, interactive exhibits and educational workshops, with some enriching and engaging programs for teachers and students in science and math.

After 20 years planning, the $96 million project, funded by the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Jose, along with corporate and individual donors, will showcase revolutionary advances in such areas as biotechnology, microelectronics, robotics and communications.

"The Tech is a one-of-a-kind museum for Silicon Valley, and an interactive classroom of the twenty-first century, where visitors can experience firsthand leading-edge technologies that affect their daily lives," says Peter Giles, president and CEO. The museum is divided into four theme galleries on three levels where visitors can explore the mysteries of the present and journey into the future: Innovation: Silicon Valley and Beyond, Communication: Global Connections, Life Tech: The Human Machine, and Explorations: New Frontiers.

Noted Mexican Architect Ricardo Legorreta designed this amazing structure which houses the Hackworth IMAX Dome Theater. The 295-seat, state-of-the-art movie theater is equipped with a 9,500 square-foot dome screen projecting images of 76-feet in diameter. Viewers may have to hold on to their seats. For, images will appear larger than life, adding just another dimension to their adventuresome tour through The Tech.

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