Here is what editors, clients, organizations and readers have commented about Beverly Mann's work:

Thanks again for the great article you wrote for Epoch Times, NY and SF. It’s created quite a “buzz” with the hotels, my Board and the City Council! You’re a gifted writer!
Courtney Conlon, CEO Pacifica Chamber of Commerce

Thank you soooo much for capturing Pacifica!!! Please come again and again.
Sue Digre, Twice Mayor and still on City Council

"It was my great pleasure to work with Beverly for several years. She easily captured the heart of our Travel mission, adding that personal touch that draws a reader in. Her stories were often sought after and re-posted around the world.

She is a collaborative storyteller, weaving themes and determining focus through open discussion. As an award-winning writer, her humbleness and cooperative manner, her willingness to take direction and suggestions were admirable. She also has a huge heart--big enough to travel the world and take it all in, then share her joy and experience with others. I hope to work with her again in the near future."
Tanya Harrison, Editor, Epoch Times

"I am from Dresden and I absolutely loved your article about our city in the Epoch Times. Like a phoenix from the ashes is so true and the changes still go on and on and the city gets more and more beautiful every year. You should definitely consider returning in winter, sometimes when it snows it is like in a faitytale."
Isabel S., Reader

"Dear Ms. Mann, hereby I would like to express my admiration for your article about Dresden. I am native born in Dresden and would not be able to explain better what this city stands for and her charme, for the ones who stayed home in your case. Thank you and best wishes from Germany."
Johannes H., Reader

“That is one very well written story. It sends a clear and positive image of the provinces.”
Brendan Duffy, Owner of Caravan Tours

"Beverly's article, "Niagara Beyond the Falls" was refreshing and very well received by our readers. She is a pleasure to work with!"
Grace Palsgrove, Editor, The AAA Touch & AAA Central Penn

Whether Beverly is writing about California or Corsica, the beauty of the arts or the practicality of public transportation, she turns in immensely readable copy written with skill and sensitivity to her subject.

Glenda Winders, Editorial Director, Copley News Service

Very, very much enjoyed your excellent piece on New Orleans. Many Thanks.
Beverly Gianna, Vice President Public Affairs, New Orleans Connvention and Visitors Bureau

Beverly Mann's story is a jewel. Absolute gold. We are thrilled.
Chamber of Commerce, Fort Bragg

An excellent person and active writer! I was impressed with program preparations! Thanks for sending her.
Netherlands Bureau of Tourism

Your excellent article on New Orleans and the San Francisco Brunch article in Going Places have both been well received.
Phyllis Zeno, Editor-in-chief AAA Going Places

We have many luminaries´┐Żand Beverly is one of them...a good writer!
Doug Eads, Editor Travelworld

If anyone asks, I tell them Beverly Mann knows her stuff. When she calls, I know that I had better listen. We at CNN appreciate the high caliber of clients she takes on and her sensitivity to how the average viewer sees things.
John McManus, Assignment Manager, CNN-TV

Beverly has had a positive impact on our restaurant's image and growth of business. With her creativity and perseverance, she has developed significant public and media recognition on a local and national level-a great writer! She did a wonderful job for us. Her work exceeded my expectations.
Antone Sabella, General Manager, A. Sabella's Restaurant

I was always impressed by her verbal and written skills, her common sense and unwavering respect for the truth, no matter how difficult it might have been when expressed as criticism.

Barbara Bladen, Arts and Theatre Editor, San Mateo Times

Thank you for all the cooperation on our work. You caught the essence of my art.
Marcel Marceau

Thank you for the nice coverage of Betty Ford's visit to the California Pacific Medical Center. Beverly Mann's article on health issues in December issue of Nob Hill Gazette was terrific-calling attention to breast health care and available programs and facilities.
June R. Lilienthal, Chairman of California Pacific Medical Center Board of Trustees.

I enjoyed your wonderful article about Switzerland's museum pass in American Way. I certainly appreciate all your efforts in getting the Switzerland Tourism such great exposure in this excellent in-flight magazine. We had quite a few people calling us referring to your article.
Roland Zuchlke, Manager, Switzerland Tourism

Kudos on your Fort Bragg travel piece that ran in San Francisco Downtown. You did a fabulous job in capturing the essence of a very magical place.
San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce

Your press release was a gem for HQ for Women´┐ŻBless you and thank you so very, very much!!
Lucy Baines Johnson (daughter of the late President Johnson)

Ms. Mann is resourceful, energetic and a pleasure to work with. She is persistent in her efforts to find newsworthy topics. She is creative and has done a tremendous job for our company.
Wayne Baliff, HQ Network Systems, Inc.

Beverly not only took the challenge of promoting an international company, but conceived, developed, and taught two successive public relations classes to our franchisees. She was successful in leveraging our public relations exposure through this education process.
Russell G. Abell, President & CEO, HQ Network Systems, Inc.

It was a pleasure for me to open the NobHill Gazette and find such a well-written article about the Asian Art Museum. You did a wonderful job. I have been impressed by the number of people who have stopped and mentioned it to me.
Rand Castile, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

I can't get over the way in which you are able to so concisely, yet so perceptively, write about your subject. You really wrote about me!
LaDoris Hazzard Cordell, Judge of Santa Clara County Municipal Court

I have never hesitated to grant her exclusive interviews with important artists in our field-Vincent Price, Quentin Crisp, Kathleen Freeman, Brian Bedford, and Marcel Marceau, and others. She is regarded highly in the Bay Area drama critics and theatre community, and her wide scope of interests have secured her sense of persona.
Richard Carreon, Press Representative, American Conservatory Theatre (ACT)

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